Corn-Throwing Incident: One of the arrested, comments online

Corn-Throwing Incident: One of the arrested comments online

If you click on the picture, it will bring you to the article that was posted on  Now, one of the accused (and arrested) individuals (Phil Hess) made his way to the site to plead his case.  He was looking to defend himself.  Honestly, I am surprised that 2 months later, his posts are still on the site.  Gee would describe this particular use of language as “perspective-taking.”  Phil is using these particular words to provide an audience with “an alternative way to view one and the same state of affairs” (p. 53).  The journalist provides one view (most likely supplied to her by the law enforcement involved in this case).  Phil wanted a way to make his perspective known.  This particular article brought out many comments in the couple days after it was published with many other individuals (not involved in the case) announcing their opinion and perspective on the situation.

Please see the following posts to view other comments provided by Phil and other readers of this article.



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