Employee’s Point of View: Black Friday

Employee's Point of View: Black Friday


Gee discusses the significance of decoding and one’s identity when it comes to words.  “Neither sounds nor letters themselves have any meaning (p 46).”  When reading the initial comment in this post, the language and attitude are very apparent.  This commenter gave these words particular meanings.  Stevie comes into the scene and observes the first commenter’s identity as a weak individual.  He is urging them to DO SOMETHING about their current situation.  But what does Stevie know about “justsayin?”  Probably nothing more than what was posted above.  Which brings me to another point.  Identity.  On Syracuse.com, Gee’s identity connection with meaning is seen on every article that has a comment attached to it.  People can choose any id they want for their comments to be posted by.  No one has to assume their own name or even anything related to themselves.  They purposefully “hide” their identity and become someone new, someone bold, someone not worried about other’s feelings in this online forum.  Maybe this employee needs their job to pay their bills, maybe they would be fired if they tried to mention having the day off, maybe Stevie is  CEO.  The possibilities are endless and that is what makes identity such a significant aspect of language.  Gee was really onto something.  The words themselves may have no meaning, but when we develop an identity for ourselves and then speak words, we immediately give them meaning.  The lack of meaning in sounds and letters reminds me of Bakhtin (also mentioned by Gee- pages 110-111.    


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