Facebook, promises, language

Facebook, promises, language


“…language is tied to people’s experiences of situated action in the material and social world” (Gee, p. 49).  


This lady chose to promote her promise by posting on the because I said I would Facebook page.  Her familiarity with social media affected the way she interacted with other individuals.  She was regularly checking Facebook and staying in contact with other people while she was driving.  Her own experiences led to her use of language that was developed to create her promise.  She then posted it online so that others could hold her accountable as well.  Her experiences not only impacted how she decided to project her promise, but also what her promise was based on.   


“Meaning is not about definitions, it is about simulations of experience” (Gee, p. 51).  

What is the meaning of a promise?  Is there a difference between making a promise to oneself and making a promise in front of others?  The purpose of this website is to help “better humanity.”  Promise cards are used “to remember the importance of [one’s] word, for promises both big and small.”  This site is placing an assumption on the meaning of the word “promise” being a positive change for an individual.  These promises often include doing something for others.  


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