‘What Would I Say?’ app will generate a Facebook status so you don’t have to


As I was scanning, I found this article that was posted today.  A new app has been created that will essentially post status updates for Facebook users so that users do not have to worry about spending the time to post up-to-date statuses.  Is our language so tied to us, so personal, yet so easily reproduced that an app can create appropriate statuses for us on a regular basis?  Is it possible for an app to understand/acquire our past experiences well enough to speak for us?  The affinity space and interaction affiliated with Facebook, as well as staying in touch on a semi-regular basis, are so powerful that people are willing to let an app create updates for them so that they can “keep in touch,” get a lot of “likes,” or inspire the most comments.  Gee’s description of an affinity space includes the generator of the space which provides it with content (p.80).  This generator would go from the Facebook user to an app.  The content could be examined or the way people interact with that content could be examined.  We could look at the comments or likes related to a particular comment and observe the interactions involved or simply stick with the content itself and understand where the user (or app) was coming from.  This space would include multiple portals (Facebook itself, possible email or texts related to the posted comment, and the internet itself).  These various portals would afford the space multiple means of interacting with particular content.


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